Fit Check: Railcar Donna

Hey, everyone! I’m here today with a highlight on a great pair of women’s denim: the Railcar Fine Goods Donna fit.

Donnas, pictured here in a special brown selvedge offered earlier this year.  

Donnas, pictured here in a special brown selvedge offered earlier this year.  

A good amount of stretch, and a narrow leg opening create a nice skinny jean.  

A good amount of stretch, and a narrow leg opening create a nice skinny jean.  

This is a fit that is almost universally flattering. The high waist tapers in and helps excentuate the smallest part of your waist. The pockets are wide set and placed in a way that makes even the flattest of butts look nice ;)


This is a true pair of “skinny” jeans. They are very slim throughout and have a great amount of stretch that helps the fabric form to your body. 



The Donnas are now offered in a few different options: a light blue red-line selvedge, a non-selvedge raw, and a dark indigo red-line selvedge. All of the fabrics that the Donnas are available in have a good amount of stretch, and I personally recommend sizing down a full size in order to maintain the tight/ skinny fit. 


Did I mention that they make your butt look great? 

If you are interested in the Donnas, or any of the other fits, but don’t have a chance to try them on locally, give them a shout! They are the nicest people and always so willing to help!





Thanks for reading!  


Blue Birds of Denim is here!

What the heck is Blue Birds of Denim? It's two buddies, who found themselves in the midst of Instagram while following the same brands and people. The thing in this world is that you are able to find a friend who loves and shares your views and passions. That is what happened to us, us being Mirka Markkula and Bryce Pizano. We've never met face to face, but that has not ever been a factor to not have this friendship that blossomed in one way to creating Blue Birds. The other lives in Finland and the other in Usa. We are from completely different backgrounds but could not be more like the same dork we are. So sharing is caring! 

One evening we were talking about what have you nonsense and our frustration towards the denim industry and the lack of actual quality models for ladies. After talking and moaning and bitching about it, we threw the idea out in the air that why not we start a site for ladies who are interested in the same style as we are, there was nothing like that yet! So this happened! Out of pure frustration of not getting those jeans on because the cut was not for curvier ladies or the sizing was insane and had nothing to do with majority of ladies around the world. 

We'll be learning and searching as we go, embracing this denim journey the same way as our friendship. So be prepared for some denim and heritage culture in the form of two women who love it hard! Here's little about our own journeys to this all. :)


Mirka Markkula

I've always been leaning towards the classics when it comes to my style, obviously trying my feet in styles that I thought that could work for me, while always going back to what felt best. It took years of I guess self discovery to find what felt the best for me, school of life in a way. Living in other countries outside of my home, Finland, has definitely made an impact too.

Tomboy at heart, but with a little bit of curvy body, it has never been the easiest finding what works best for me. Like my partner in crime, Bryce, I've gone from one to another in the search. Few years ago while wanting to be more mindful about my life, I decided that I want to only wear good quality clothes and shoes, I wanted to know where they come from and if they actually could last for a long time. Especially as being one who had loads of sporting gear mixed with my regular style, I got tired that things changed in a pace that made no sense and the "need" for new all the time. I'm a quality over quantity and less is more in my heart, so wanting to rather put a bit more on quality goods made all the sense. 

My wardrobe staples have been a white tee and jeans for years, so in a way nothing has changed in that aspect. Those are still my absolute favorites, though now there's boots added in. Nothing makes me feel more me and sexy too, than white tee, great pair of jeans and proper boots! And with my love for classics, what could be more classic than those three?! I'm that who's forever searching for that perfect white tee, never ending search. I'm definitely a minimalist, with a countryside flair thrown in. 

My first boots were Red Wing Moctoes, in Oro leather, so classics again, what a surprise! But those really made me find my footing in many ways and I got a lot braver with how I truly want to look like, and what makes me feel most me. These days it's pretty nice to be able to not care what others think and just be you. 

Denim for me means a struggle I love, even though it sometimes makes me feel like what the hell is wrong with designers who make up sizing for ladies haha! I love how denim starts like and how it changes over time with the one who wears it. But still, it's the material I love the most, so on my part there will be forever struggle to find that perfect pair of jeans for curvier ladies, hope you enjoy my struggle and I can make your life easier with our site!



Bryce Pizano

As with all stories, the story of how I’ve found myself in the here and now is a long one, full of twists, turns, wrong directions, and red herrings. Luckily, everything that I’ve done so far has made me the person I am today, and I’m pretty proud of that! Throughout the years, I’ve clad myself in all kinds of fashion choices. Dr. Martens with band t-shirts and babydoll dresses. A-line skirts with 60’s collars and vintage shoes. I was always the tomboy though, even while dabbling in ultra femme fashion I would spend most days in trousers and button up shirts. Nothing ever stuck because I was on the hunt for something I could identify with, a style that I could mold to me and would protect me against the changing world. Then I got my first pair of Red Wings.

I knew only a bit about raw denim and the world of heritage clothing when I bought my first pair of boots. It was a short fall into that world once I started though. I was living in Nashville, Tennessee when a friend from Minnesota told me about the super great, super durable, lifetime lasting boots he wore to work everyday. He also told me about the sweet new pair of Imogene and Willie jeans he was getting. Almost a year later, I finally got myself a pair of I+W Elizabeths. They were incredible, but my mind wasn’t fully made up. Soon after, I bought a pair of Iron Rangers. Once I held them in my hands, saw the construction, could feel the care that went into making them, and could sense the history in them, I was hooked.

I started researching women’s raw denim jeans, looking for fits and styles that would fit both my personal style and , more difficult, my body. There wasn’t a whole lot of options out there at the time and there still aren’t when you compare to the options available for men. By the time I found Railcar I was living in Southern California, and was able to go in and shop in person. Talk about a game changer! With my trusty boots and a new pair of raw denim, I was on my way to full heritage obsession.

I was lucky, I knew people who knew where to start, and I was local to shops that were front runners in providing products to women. For all of the ladies who aren’t so lucky? That’s where Blue Birds is looking to step in. We want to provide a resource for women who are interested in heritage clothing and the brands that are focused on high quality, lasting products. Women are out there looking for needles in a haystack, and we hope to help you find it!

We’ll also be highlighting awesome women from around the world who are taking charge, being their own boss, and generally inspiring us. So hang around, it’s about to get good!