Video Tutorial! Spot Soaking Your Jeans

Hey, everyone! I’m here today to share one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever done: a video tutorial I made about spot soaking your jeans!


We've all got “problem areas” that we encounter when finding a pair of pants that fit. I happen to wear mostly men’s jeans, so my lady curves often have a hard time agreeing with the cut of whatever pair I’m trying to squeeze them into. That’s where the good old cold soak comes in! 


Soaking just the areas that you need to stretch out will help you dial in your fit so that your new pair of jeans become your new FAVORITE pair of jeans!   Don't be afraid to really get in there and soak those babies down either! Trust me, you can’t ruin them! And remember (dirty joke incoming alert), if no one is around getting your crotch wet for you, do it yourself, girl! 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for watching!